Cherry Blossom

What a glorious time of year it is when winter is behind us and the trees come out into blossom at the start of spring.  There can’t be many of you out there that have not witnessed the vibrant beauty of our native cherry trees at this time of year.  Ok, so there are colours out there during the colder months of the year from autumn flowering cherries, prunus subhirtella autumnalis to the golden and red colours of maples and alders during autumn and plenty of evergreens to break up the exposed skeletons of our deciduous tree canopy.

We even witnessed daffodils in full bloom whilst working in a garden in Clapham in mid-December.

pink blossom on wild cherry sunnyhill road SW16, 270416 
However, nothing can really compare with the delicate white petals and beautifully perfumed scent of the wild cherry.

One of my best cherry blossom memories in both sight and smell was from two native wild cherries that adorned the entrance to Trees for Cities HQ (@Treesforcities) at the front of Kennington Park.  It was always a real pleasure to arrive for work at a tree planting charity on a warm spring morning.  If you are in the vicinity why not go and have a sniff for yourself!