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Sally Howe SW8

‘Our magnolia tree was overgrown, causing a nuisance to neighbours and taking light from our house. We loved the tree but it needed managing Read more

Collette Harrison SE22

Collette Harrison SE22

I have used Rob of Capital Trees Limited on a number of occasions and would highly recommend him and his team.
Read more

Henrietta Williams SE5

I unreservedly recommend Rob and Colm from Capital Trees Limited. They were great to deal with and very efficient. Read more

Derram Attfield SE11

I recently moved into a house in Central London within a conservation zone. There was a badly overgrown Rowan in the garden Read more

Paul Mahoney SW16

Rob recently came to remove a large willow tree that had come down in high winds. Of the 3 quotes I got it was obvious that Rob was a real expert Read more

Jon Naylor SW16

Rob and his team did a great job of reducing our Willow Tree as you can see from the pictures.  All done by the time I got home Read more